Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This is just a tiny introduction to the myriad felted creatures who will be coming to life and looking for homes in the next week or two!

She needs a name! Leave a comment with what you think her name should be and if I choose your name I'll send you bar of felted soap as a thank you!

They are felted with beautiful soft merino wool, alpaca, and silk. They are stuffed with organic cotton. Embellished with a variety of found pieces, such as buttons, bells, yarn etc.

Stay tuned for the rest, I'll be finishing them as my baby allows it!!

She is 12 inches tall, and sells for $45


  1. I have asked Jordan what her name shall be...she said:
    Mushrelle: Mushroom and Michelle mixed up.

    I love her, she is lovely.

  2. Pele, Hawaiian goddess of volcanos. She's gorgeous!

  3. Xamaba. Scott's idea, he says its a name from African mythology. She's beautiful! Love her eyes.

  4. Abungu: An African name that means "of the forrest"