Sunday, October 7, 2012


Is really where it's at. Let's all stop pretending now.
Come on, group hug.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Workshop Schedule through November up now!

Here's my latest workshop schedule. Please know I am very flexible and accommodating, so if you need a personal class or a different date I am happy to shuffle things around for you. JUst drop me a line and I'll see what I can do. xx

Workshops taking place in the Scenic Rim area of the Gold Coast Hinterland, QLD, Australia. Or feel free to fly me anywhere. I'll bring the supplies and know-how.

If you do not see a workshop date and time to suit you, please contact me to set up a custom date and time that does!

One-on-one workshops are great, as are mother-daughter days, etc.
A felting party is a great day out on this beautiful mountain, bring a couple of friends and if you're inclined, a bottle of wine, I have the rest!

All fine quality supplies and light refreshments included in prices.

Nuno Felting. Beginner class.
We will learn the technique of "Nuno" felting, which is bonding the fibre onto a pre-existing fabric, such as silk or cotton. We will make one piece of nuno, intended as a scarf, table runner, curtain panel etc.
Saturday October 6th

Mini Workshop, Felt Flowers. All Levels.
We will hand felt and sculpt various organically formed floral shapes and attached stems and leaves if desired. Both wet and needle felting techniques will be used and discussed.
Saturday 13th October

Felt Hats. Intermediate class.
We will each make a unique, comforting and durable wool hat in various styles to suit a range of different heads and personalities. Get as creative as you wish, or make a solid classic such as a bowler or cloche. We will use a resist and hat blocks to sculpt. The hat you make does not need to be for yourself.**Just in time for wearing to your Melbourne cup function!** 
Saturday 3rd November

Resist Felting, Making a Bag/Vessel. Intermediate class.
You don't have to have felted before to master this technique so do not be perturbed by 'intermediate', this is just a more physically intensive process than a beginner class.
We will make a piece of 3d felt using the resist method, which can be sculpted into various bag or vessel styles.
Saturday 17th November

Sunday, July 22, 2012

This week in felting...

This week has seen a much welcome break in my otherwise hindering millinery stint.
Experimental felt projects using copious and thus incredibly satisfying amounts of exotic fibres to create intriguing surface texture have been consuming in that almost wanton way.

A bit like preparing something very involved and decadent in the kitchen, that you'll savor alone, or have a serving of in secret.

Raw silk, banana and bamboo starred, with a smattering of various old world long wool locks, raw linen (flax), wool and silk scrap, and of course the trusty merino.

What resulted is somewhat of a textural playground.

The pink on the left is Zara the Gypsy snake fortune teller from back in January's sister, Zelda. She's a bit more bling and a little less bite than her s-s-s-sibling.

The right hand side is an extreme close-up of the delicious raw silk tendrils poured over the rich chocolate merino base of a felted infinity scarf. A seamless band, which has no beginning and no end.

Crafted from only two pure ingredients - fine Australian Merino wool and cleaned and spun raw silk. Felted in the cobweb technique, so that there are deliberate windows throughout for light to penetrate and be reflected by the silk.

A versatile accessory, can be worn in myriad ways.

Until such time comes when I am ready to fix or replace my actual camera, these phone pictures will have to suffice.

Head over to our Facebook page if you want to see the rest of these...xo

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Art City

In March, part of us went to Melbourne to shoot the soft, whimsical wool made here at The Felting Pot against the gritty and real backdrop of the eclectic inner and outer city alley-ways, mind-blowing street art and within the resounding vibe of artistic creation this gorgeous Australian metro boasts.

The results are nothing less than spectacular. They're raw edged but penetrating. Hip and make-do and illuminating.

Shot by the fabulous Manda, of kWeRK accompanied by her trusty and handsome hound, Oscar. I'll be releasing these pictures in different ways over the next little while. Some will appear on our Etsy displaying their modeled items for sale. Others will be used in workshop advertising, and hopefully some will make their way into other publications down the line.

 The gorgeous model is Beatrice, who played the part swimmingly. A girl living a different time. She wears the quizzical one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces effortlessly. Bravo, to those helping bring these creations to life, we love you long time. x

Saturday, June 2, 2012


This blog will live again, I swear it! Computer time has been impossible of late but things are changing and I feel a good blogging wind starting to blow.
Hold tight, lovers.
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Felt in our futures.

And yours too, perhaps?!

I have scheduled a whole frenzy of fabulous felt workshops in the coming weeks and months. There are a couple of spots left in each.

First up is Nuno felting next Saturday the 10th March. This class is perfect for beginners and experienced felters alike. We will be playing with the many varied textures available in a gorgeous array of colours. Silks, cottons, bamboo, flax, ramie, man made metallic threads and of course all the magnificent animal fibres. Alpaca, merino, llama, mohair, cashmere, raw and hand dyed curly locks, etc.
Create a completely unique scarf, one-of-a-kind wrap skirt, ethereal shawl, light bending window drape, piece of fibre art using a sheer, natural backdrop of fine cotton muslin, tissue silk, or other airy fabric.
$60 and runs from 9am-2pm

If you'd like to sign up for this class please contact me at 0403 493 111

Our studio is in the central North Tamborine area, right on Main. Park next door to Subway and we are the green and pink house set down the back of where you parked. The Tamborine Times offices where here once upon a time. After that it was the pharmacy. The whole house used to actually be facing a different direction but at some point they picked it up and spun it 90 degrees and slapped a little brick addition to the front that used to be a side. Way back when in the beginning of what was this mountain, it was avocado land, and was run as a plantation by possibly a Taylor family but I am sketchy about those details. Word of mouth, y'see. I also conduct micro-mini history lessons thankyouverymuch.

Nuno is a relatively low impact felting technique and is not nearly as much of a workout as felting some scrumptious slippers, say.
So come along, you'll be inspired!
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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Summoning the Beast

Happy New Year once again from The Felting Pot

We have been enjoying a short break from the usually tight dawn to dusk schedule and been kicking back with our children while they're on summer vacation. Long days at the beach, afternoon kite flying from the lookout, crafting croquet runs, chicken day spas and mosaic rag butterflys.

Bonfires and fireflies and fires of the heart. Loud music, cold drinks, family and friends...such is summer.

We started felting a creature skin rug, a wild and woolly beast.

S/he is still being trodden and soaked and pounded into shape out on the deck where we have worked on it a little each day since the 2nd. Everyone has gotten in on the action, walking on it as though crushing grapes, joining the blind rolling conga, throwing down hot soapy water.

A couple more days of maltreatment and it'll be perfect for rolling around on naked in front of an open fire somewhere high in the alps.

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