Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I am such a slacker

But I really have been busy, honest!
And busy creating, to boot!

My current goal is beefing up my stock so I don't look like a going-out-of-business sale at the market each month.

Along with that goal, I have been interested in trying some more adventurous projects, like vessels and playing with textures.

The business card holder above was totally fly-by-the-seat. I was felting a rock. And then took it in another direction before I was even aware of it...
It turned out really fun. I am not sure if I will add more to it yet or not.
Merlin, my little wool junky, liked it.

I'm on a flower kick at this very moment. I am aiming for 5 each day. Day one, check! Day two (today) 3 down. And a big sheet of leaves.
That will have to count as goal reached because I am done.

About 6 have sold before I got pictures of them. Some pretty ones, too. Oh well.

A pansy (or is it iris?) lariat. Felt rope is probably my favourite thing to felt. Lots of these to come...
I think this one is appropriate for an adventurous male. Could be really hot and quirky on the right dude.
Ripples. Extra long scarf. You can wrap this one around several times. It's so lovely, the way it falls due to the ripple of two tones of merino wool against silk chiffon I dyed a shocking violet.

Micro scarf, super duper long. I was somewhere else when I made this one...

The bird, a nest. Yummy warm scarf.

Textural orgasm, this one.Cushions! I have a whole line of these botanical beauties planned up top...

Strawberry purse, adorned with assorted yellow vintage buttons.

Tiny treasures bowl.

Neon bowl:

Purple merino/silk/flax cloche

I did this Flash of Lightning nuno scarf last year but it's one of my favourites, still.

Wooly acorns. All the kiddo's fave.

Tidal Pools capelet/shrug

Check out the texture. It's pretty dreamy.

Barn owl face throw pillow.

I made this a long while ago, but recently finished it up with vintage button embellishments and a pretty ribbon to hang by. A stocking fit for an elf!

This little Rod Stewarty fellow is Cornelius, of which I know two.

Watermelon purse with vintage buttons on the handle: