Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mini Gift Workshops!

I am opening up two nights of mini felting workshops!
Perfect for holiday gifts, we will be making felt covered soap bars!
These are genius little products, the fleece is wrapped around the bar of soap and felted right onto it. You can attach a thread under the fleece to make it soap on a rope, too!
When you're in the shower, you just lather up the soft bar and wash yourself with the soap and washcloth all in one.
Wool is anti-microbial so it resists mold and smells, so it stays clean and healthy for you.
Wrap the cord around your wrist, hang it to dry, or set on a soap rack until the next use.
As the soap inside is used, the wool will continue felting and shrink around the bar. When the soap is all gone, you're left with a wadded up ball of felt which you can then give to your cat, use as a dryer ball, hang on your tree! haha!

In this workshop you will make 3 felted bars of soap, with or without rope, learn the basics of felting, and walk away with a perfect handmade gift.
I have a selection of beautiful soaps, some organic, some scented with essential oils, some fragrance-free and pure enough for a newborn baby.
You choose.
When we're done, I will also supply squares of gorgeous Moda designer fabrics and raffia in which to gift wrap your soap once it is dry!

This is a perfect workshop for those who aren't sure about committing to a full-length felting workshop but are interested in learning the art.

The dates are as follows:
Saturday 5th December 7-9pm
Friday 11th December 7-9pm

Each class is $25, which includes all supplies. If you would like to bring your own three bars of soap, you may drop the price to $20.

To sign up, please comment or email me at

Here are some more pictures of some bars I have made:

For inspiration, check out some of these soaps selling at Anthropologie for $14 each!


  1. absolutely stunning...i want them all :) i can think of so many places they would be useful...and on the garden tap too...i dont think the animals that visit here would be bothered to eat through the fleece!!

  2. sign me up for fri dec 11th, please!
    The green felt stencils used in photography- can i get some somewhere?

  3. I would LOVE to attend the one on the 11th. Do I need to PayPal you, or pay you there? This sounds so cool!

  4. I am interested in the workshop on the 11th. How do I pay you?