Friday, October 29, 2010

It's 55° outside? You look like you could use a woolly warmer.

This was actually the very last thing I felted, and very last thing I photographed. Huh.

I realized as I was making this baby blanket-newborn swaddler-tummy time mat-diaper changing surface-snuggle rug-stroller blanket-lovey-tea party scene-picnic blanket-chair art-wall hanging that it could be all of those things, and more, and how fantastic that something like one piece of warm, forgiving, insulating cloth could really service someone throughout their life.
I actually have my first piece of felt I ever made, which was when I was about 10 or so, and it's currently used in my daughters room with her wooden kitchen set. It's only gotten stronger.

And there is said daughter, who danced out the door right at the end and sat herself down right on top of the thing I was trying to photograph.

I let her get away with it.

This is the river that carries springtime.

So this was/is really fun. Fun to make, fun to take pictures of, fun to wear. It's double sided. The first side is a peaceful winter scene and the best part about this scarf is it even tricks you into thinking you're colder than you really are.
It's magic.
The silk lining the branches and floating around in fluffy puffy snowflakes shining under the glow of a streetlamp.

Look, my cat thinks it's a real bird! It comes to life, this scarf. It belongs in Narnia.

The texture you can see in this photograph is so exciting for me, because I never think I capture the whole picture, if you know what I mean.

Click on it.
By now you've forgotten there was even meant to be a second side to this scene huh?
The reverse is more silk.


I don't know, luck of the Irish?

I want to see this draped across the shoulders of a lovely bride in one of Sixpence Weddings' pictures. I could even felt their wedding dress. That would be something else. I have a hard time putting this one down. I've been wanting to felt a pure white shawl for some time now, and am very pleased with the absolute luxury it turned out to be. This is Polwarth wool top,wild harvested silk and just a hare hair of angora.

It drapes like a lover.

Delicate, webby, ethereal.

My middle child calls this a spikey ladder. He wants me to make him one all black and blue but with no spikes coming out the sides so when his guys climb up it, if they fall, they don't become impaled by felt. Woe.

The colours are striking up close. A deep pool.

This scuffed old button is vintage leather at its loveliest. Worn in the middle but still shiny all around the edges.
This handsome neck warmer is elegant and strong all at once.

If I was consistent with the naming of my pieces, this one would be something wonderfully flossy like Mirabel or Trixie.

I have stepped, or should I say put my toes back in the cordwainer bucket. It felt fine in there. I think I'll stay a while.

The purple ankle boots (or high tops if you fold the cuff back up) are about a 7, as my foot was the last. hehe

These elfin cuties are about a 2-3year size.
Closest to a size 7 small children shoe.

And...hats. These are all fancy hats when you want them to be, or you can remove the adornment and use it elsewhere.
The white one is especially cute when folded up like a Gil Elvgren girl would wear.

Come see me on Saturday at the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market where you can obtain any one of these fine felted wares. 11am-5pm Halloween on Elm Street!

Do it, Dallas.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Announcing Workshops!!

Here they are. Workshop dates! Whew. This was a long time coming, starting these up again.
I have had countless requests so I really hope these fill up nice and quick!

At the end of the workshop you will have a completed project and you will have a lifelong skill you can use again and again, creating beautiful handmade items for yourself and your loved ones.

There are limited spots available, and I need a commitment to secure your place in a workshop. For that I ask a 50% deposit be made by check, cash or paypal (paypal would be the easiest for making a deposit as it's instant) when you contact me to reserve your spot.
The remaining is due on workshop day.

Your fee includes all supplies, tuition, and light refreshments.

Sunday December 5th
Felted Soaps (you will make and take 2) 2-4pm $25

Sunday December 12th
Nuno Felting technique / Wool on silk scarves 10am-2pm $60

Friday December 17th
Felted Soaps (you will make and take 2) 7-9pm $25

Please respond here, email me at or call me at 214.552.8285

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wanted: 4 pretty necks to adorn.

Yes, more scarves. But last weekend at White Rock Local Market (which is the second Saturday of every month) I almost sold out. I think I went with about 8 and came home with 2!
My next market is the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market on October 30th 11-5pm, for their super fun Halloween on Elm Street event, with all kinds of cool stuff planned for the whole family.

So, I'm trying to bust out 2 items a day big or small, and you know I never keep my goals but I'm confident I can keep up momentum and inspiration for the next couple weeks.

For this one, I was just going for something that *I* wouldn't necessarily wear, as a lot of the stuff I make, I make to my own liking. Some people just don't dig flowers like I do, so here's something geometric for them.
The texture is the highlight, as I felted the wool onto a grey silk chiffon scarf (I dye all of the silk myself), and then added little puffs of coloured silk scrap in each of the circles.

Here's another in the autumn leaves line. The navy is really striking, and I detailed in white silk roving, almost like moonlight glinting off the branches and the leaves as they flutter to the ground in the night air.

Again with the funky zebra. These babies are very popular. This time neon sun yellow chiffon with black and neon pink fleece.

The piece of the week is this yummy number. A thin strip of purple silk chiffon, scattered with slender stems of poppies in every direction. I'm not sure if this one is going to be a gift or not yet. I'm a little attached to it, but it's going to a new home no matter whether I know the home or not.