Sunday, July 15, 2012

Art City

In March, part of us went to Melbourne to shoot the soft, whimsical wool made here at The Felting Pot against the gritty and real backdrop of the eclectic inner and outer city alley-ways, mind-blowing street art and within the resounding vibe of artistic creation this gorgeous Australian metro boasts.

The results are nothing less than spectacular. They're raw edged but penetrating. Hip and make-do and illuminating.

Shot by the fabulous Manda, of kWeRK accompanied by her trusty and handsome hound, Oscar. I'll be releasing these pictures in different ways over the next little while. Some will appear on our Etsy displaying their modeled items for sale. Others will be used in workshop advertising, and hopefully some will make their way into other publications down the line.

 The gorgeous model is Beatrice, who played the part swimmingly. A girl living a different time. She wears the quizzical one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces effortlessly. Bravo, to those helping bring these creations to life, we love you long time. x

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