Thursday, January 5, 2012

Summoning the Beast

Happy New Year once again from The Felting Pot

We have been enjoying a short break from the usually tight dawn to dusk schedule and been kicking back with our children while they're on summer vacation. Long days at the beach, afternoon kite flying from the lookout, crafting croquet runs, chicken day spas and mosaic rag butterflys.

Bonfires and fireflies and fires of the heart. Loud music, cold drinks, family and friends...such is summer.

We started felting a creature skin rug, a wild and woolly beast.

S/he is still being trodden and soaked and pounded into shape out on the deck where we have worked on it a little each day since the 2nd. Everyone has gotten in on the action, walking on it as though crushing grapes, joining the blind rolling conga, throwing down hot soapy water.

A couple more days of maltreatment and it'll be perfect for rolling around on naked in front of an open fire somewhere high in the alps.

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