Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wanted: 4 pretty necks to adorn.

Yes, more scarves. But last weekend at White Rock Local Market (which is the second Saturday of every month) I almost sold out. I think I went with about 8 and came home with 2!
My next market is the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market on October 30th 11-5pm, for their super fun Halloween on Elm Street event, with all kinds of cool stuff planned for the whole family.

So, I'm trying to bust out 2 items a day big or small, and you know I never keep my goals but I'm confident I can keep up momentum and inspiration for the next couple weeks.

For this one, I was just going for something that *I* wouldn't necessarily wear, as a lot of the stuff I make, I make to my own liking. Some people just don't dig flowers like I do, so here's something geometric for them.
The texture is the highlight, as I felted the wool onto a grey silk chiffon scarf (I dye all of the silk myself), and then added little puffs of coloured silk scrap in each of the circles.

Here's another in the autumn leaves line. The navy is really striking, and I detailed in white silk roving, almost like moonlight glinting off the branches and the leaves as they flutter to the ground in the night air.

Again with the funky zebra. These babies are very popular. This time neon sun yellow chiffon with black and neon pink fleece.

The piece of the week is this yummy number. A thin strip of purple silk chiffon, scattered with slender stems of poppies in every direction. I'm not sure if this one is going to be a gift or not yet. I'm a little attached to it, but it's going to a new home no matter whether I know the home or not.

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  1. is love love them alll!!!xx