Saturday, September 11, 2010

It looks like a millinery around here...

I've been working on hats for the past few weeks in the lead up to autumn and winter which is really prime woolly hat season, right?

Here are a couple that I finished up in the past couple of days.
My kids were lining up to pose with this jester-y number.
As obvious in the pictures, it fits nicely on both a 2yo and a 5yo.

This one is really gorgeous in person. Navy blue on the interior and the exterior layer is royal blue/navy/tiny bit of dark purple and tiny bit of deep sea green mixed with lovely strands of white silk.
I have started making removable brooch pins for my hats. This way you get that extra little embellishment when you're feeling fancy, and simplicity when you want to make more of an understatement. You can also use the pins on a jacket, bag, different hat, shirt, etc...

This one has a paisley/peacock feather inspired pin.

LOVE this hat. Really strong structure. Holds its firm shape nicely. Perfect as a sun hat as well as a warming, weather resistant covering.
The flowers, again, are a removable pin.

Stay tuned, more to follow this afternoon...

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  1. The jestery-y hat is sure to be a fave with children and i love the ripple effect you created on the navy hat, very clever. The sun hat looks good and strong, love the colour and sensible brim. Your work is wonderful. :)x