Saturday, September 11, 2010

Exquisite, deliciously soft baby blankets...

In a gossamer, pearly blend of pinks and natural shimmering silk.
This blanket is Nuno felted onto organic natural coloured cotton gauze. My daughter did not want to let this one go.

The edges have since been blanket stitched and now look practically perfect in every way!

This ashen grey on powdery blue cotton is supple and downy. The edges are left raw and showcase the canvas of wool felt with a gentle border.
These blankets are made to swaddle a newborn, but are perfect for a lap blanket or lovey for any age.

Remember, pictures are always clickable so go ahead and check out the texture in detail. Fiber is hard to give enough credit to on film. It's pure luxury.


  1. Those wraps are just exquisite...such delicate pure warmth for tiny treasures in our lives...:)x
    Love the blanket stitched edging.

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