Sunday, August 23, 2009

What can you make with felt?

Why you can make anything you can dream up!
Felting through history has seen it be incarnated as everything from housing to battle armor and is still made by traditional peoples around the world to fashion into many useful items.

This website has a great summary of felt's impressive history:

Here are a few of the many things made from felt around my house!

Comfy, insulating whimsical slippers:

Pirate treasure maps, of course!

The "Mendelssohn" scarf. Merino and Silk on Cotton. I describe this one as a love child born from Aurora Borealis and Joyce's description of the sea:

A happy handbag:

A stocking fit for stuffing!

A wall-hanging that lives in my mermaidy under-sea bathroom:

Matching Vests for Elfin brothers:

A gauzy silk scarf perfect for gifting this holiday season:

The list goes on...another day.


  1. The Mendelssohn is dreamy! Gorgeous Amba!

  2. Love the pirate map and that Mendelssohn scarf is so dreamy. Love your blog, by the way.