Friday, August 14, 2009

A Note on Attending Workshops!

Just few things to keep in mind on the day of your workshop:

1. Wear comfortable shoes (or bring your house shoes or some socks or go barefoot!) Whatever is most comfortable for you over an extended period of standing. There are chairs, but you really won't want to use them as you're creating your piece of art.

2. Bring a lunch and water bottle. I will have coffee, tea, etc but you may want a packed lunch and also your water bottle to keep near you while you're working.

3. Children's workshops - They are best suited for the 3 and over crowd but any age is welcome to attend. The adult accompanying the child can always finish the piece off. They will be situated on the floor on mats and very accessible for young children. Felt beads is the easiest workshop and even the very youngest helpers will have fun rolling the wool in their little hands.

4. Most Importantly: Don't worry about it! Even if you don't fancy yourself as artistic or creative YOU CAN DO IT! You will still walk away with a gorgeous, unique piece of art that you made all by yourself. It is amazing the inspiration that flows in a room full of beautiful wool and happy people! All these classes can be taken by the absolute beginner.

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