Monday, December 13, 2010

Here at The Pot, we felt more than just scarves!

Yes, we do! For example, this fine vessel adorned with vintage buttons. How nice to receive a living plant in a woolly package. Or a place to store your necessary bedside accoutrements. A bed for an especially loved ferret. Spoon holder. Catch all. It's sturdy and stands up but the sides and top move and mold to your needs.

Headbands slash ear-warmers slash belt for skinny chick slash neck accessory are a new venture and I've been having a lot of fun with them. I haven't gotten pictures of all of them and the cutest ones have already sold, but here are a couple.
Of course the one that started it all was the only thing I've made for myself in two years and you can see it in my profile page here and on Facebook.

The cool thing about them is they tie for the most part rather than button, so they're fully adjustable. My two year old can wear the same one I can, just gaining her longer tails.

Excuse the horrible suburban backdrop. I'm trying my hardest to change that.

Flowers! Felt flowers or is it felted flowers? hrmm... Flowers which are felted are one of my favourite things to create. I make about a dozen a week, and haven't got pictures of many at all. These go quickly each market, and they also embellish hats, purses, scarves and shawls, the headbands, etc...

This was just a bit of whimsy we got to experience one day when our swallowtails began to emerge. This one stayed around for time enough for a play with (2 out of 3 of) my beautiful impish children.

Dolls, especially Merfolk, are charming to see come to life. All their different colour schemes and bedazzlement, you never know what s/he'll look like when complete, until there.

She was a custom order, now off to California.

The West is the best, Baby...

I think of this one as a bit of a Sea Witch. But not the Disney kinda witch, yuck. I mean the swimming waveclad hugging whales algae tincture lore kinda seawitchymama.

She has wild hair with weeds strung loosely and remove-ably through it and pearls nestled hidden upon her head.
This is also in a new home now, but we do have these pictures to remember his time with us...

Oh and, the owl....I wasn't his maker.....

This is #2 of this bag as the first one sold, but came out totally different. The felt was originally made to be wrist cuffs. Think Victorian Gothic, Steampunk...
I'll make them again.
They made really cute purses with enough room for your smartphone, money, keys...

And believe it or not, there's still more, not super new stuff that I need to take pictures of and post!! I'll get there.

Next Saturday the 18th is the Deep Ellum Outdoor Martket behind Cafe Brazil. 11am-5pm.
Last market for most people for the season! We'll be back on the schedule again come 2nd Saturday in March!


  1. oh...i knew i needed to check in before retiring am so loving your work!!!wish i could visit 'deep ellum' ..and chads...and those beautiful impish children

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